Are there any known bugs relating to Windows threads and C++ objects under
MinGW? I have some code that performs nicely under Linux and segfaults
under Windows; investigation using gdb shows that the 'this' pointer is
changing from 0x
to 0x3 between two member functions.

ConnectionThreadInit (Connection *threadobj)
threadobj->Main (); // 'this' is correct
threadobj->Recieve (); // 'this' is 0x3

The code in question is a multithreaded network connection handler; one of
the development requirements for the app is that it be able to take
advantage of multiple processors and clustering later in life so
single-threading the code, while possible, is mostly uninteresting.

Source code available on request; it uses an LGPLed library (HawkNL,
) but is not open-source itself so I don't
feel comfortable placing it unprotected on the web.


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