Hi Folks,
my little application consists of a service and two windows (a taskbar icon
and a configuration dialog). The service is started from a seperate
'service launch' thread. Thats why there are 4 threads running after the
program has been started.

The problem is:
The first user that's logged in to the system can log out again. But the second
user that's logged in can neigther log out nor shut the system down.
Two windows with the title 'Default IME' are responsible for this behaviour.
Those two 'Default IME' windows both return FALSE after they receive a
WM_QUERYENDSESSION message - which cancels the shutdown/log off process.
(My application window is the parent of those two windows.)
Thats why i suppose the two worker threads have somehow received a window
handle and a message queue - But is this possible?
What does "Default IME" mean? and how can i prevent the system from creating
a 'Default IME' window?

I have no idea where those 'Default IME' windows come from but i must prevent
them from canceling a system shutdown/user log off.
So any ideas are highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance,