Wed 3-Mar-2004: Update

88470 Mar 3 2004 Useful NT/2000/XP script tricks and tips, T.Salmi

It is now in version

Added a further, simple XP specific alternative to
4} How can I test is it on MSDOS/Win3..9x/Me or NT/2000/XP?

Added an only-one-file-needed script solution version to
8} How do I find all the files made at of after YYYYMMDD HHMM?

Added BASIC solution alternatives to at least the following items
28} How to convert a file written in IBM PC characters into LATIN1?
50} How do I get the position of a substring in a string?
51} How can I echo lines in different colors in NT scripts?

Added new FAQ items
53} How can I quietly test if a disk device is ready or not?
54} How can I get the type of a disk device?
55} How to get the creation, last modified and last access of a file?
56} How to find and move more recent files from one folder to another?
57} How do I get a list of all my empty directories on c:\ ?

Added the scripts (needed them myself)
FILEINFO.VBS "FileInfo Visual Basic Script"
NAMEDOWN.CMD "Covert a filename to lower case"
NAMEUP.CMD "Covert a filename to upper case"
RECENT.VBS "Search folders for recent files"
XPMOVE.VBS "Move newer files between folders"

Corrected a bug in WHEREIS.CMD "Find a file anywhere on a drive"
which did not allow spaces in file names.

Filename Comment Date Time
-------- -------------------------------- ---- ----
1CMDFAQ.TXT NT/w2k/XP script tricks and tips Mar-03-2004 11:56:50
CHOOSE.EXE Ask questions in script files Dec-11-2003 05:33:38
COLORMAP.CMD Display ECHOC.EXE color map Jan-25-2004 21:41:08
DATE2NUM.EXE Date into a Julian date number Dec-09-2003 08:15:30
ECHOC.EXE Echo in colors Jan-25-2004 09:10:30
EDATE.CMD Some alternative date formats Dec-30-2003 17:08:04
FILEAGE.CMD Find out how old a file is Jan-01-2004 23:27:48
FILEINFO.CMD CMD shell for FILEINFO.VBS Feb-26-2004 07:32:56
FILEINFO.VBS FileInfo Visual Basic Script Feb-26-2004 15:09:12
FILE_ID.DIZ Brief characterization of TSCMD Nov-16-2003 09:29:00
M_TSCMD.CMD A makefile to build this package Feb-29-2004 09:27:16
NAMEDOWN.CMD Covert a filename to lower case Feb-26-2004 07:10:14
NAMEUP.CMD Covert a filename to upper case Feb-26-2004 07:10:24
NUM2DATE.EXE A Julian date number into a date Dec-09-2003 08:15:32
RECENT.CMD CMD shell for RECENT.VBS Feb-27-2004 08:20:46
RECENT.VBS Search folders for recent files Feb-27-2004 18:50:02
TSCMDIDX.TXT The questions index separately Mar-02-2004 08:05:48
TSCMDINF.TXT Document (a readme) for TSCMD Feb-29-2004 16:23:24
TSCMDNWS.TXT News about the TSCMD package Mar-03-2004 12:00:32
TSPROG.TXT List of programs from Timo Salmi Nov-27-2003 23:31:28
WHEREIS.CMD Find a file anywhere on a drive Feb-26-2004 08:18:26
XPMOVE.CMD CMD shell for XPMOVE.VBS Feb-29-2004 16:04:06
XPMOVE.VBS Move newer files between folders Mar-02-2004 13:35:28
---- ------ ------ -----
0023 242413

All the best, Timo

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