The other day I was starting on a new project and went through my
standard procedure of creating the framework via App Wizard, Win32
Hello application. Then I added my first control , a standard
pushbutton. As always I code a little, run a little, so I decided to
run my app and hit the button a few times for giggles. When the app
window came up the button had the appearance of a TextBox(a.k.a. read
only edit). And it had the string resource of Hello in it?
I could not figure out what the cramp was going on and eventually
deleted the workspace and all files and started again. No big deal.

Has anyone ever seen something like this before? It's probably
something I did but I can't figure it out. I'm p!ssed I deleted it,
because that was shortly followed by trash emptying so now I've lost

Windows 2000
Win32 App