Hello --

I need to pre-process a text file with potentially many rows file before
importing it to Excel

The text file has 2 header rows, followed by rows of X-values, a row
containing " "
(hex 20) and then rows of Y-values.

I only need the header rows plus X-values. The first header row contains an
integer representing the number of X-values.

Can someone tell me the appropriate programming language to use to strip the
blank line and the lines below it, then save the file with its original

The pseudo code would look something like:

count lines in file = result1
result2 = result1 - 3 (2 header lines plus blank line (contains hex20)
between x and y values)
result3 = result2/2
result4 = result3 + 2
delete rows whose number is > result4
save file under original name

I want to code VBA to pass the file name I am importing to this new program
and then continue the import when done.

This process will help until the count of X-values exceeds 65,534, at which
time I will have to move the database to ACCESS or SQL Server.

Thanks for any help.

Larry Mehl

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