In Win2K, where in the Registry is the PropertySheetHandler
for Web folder objects?

If I create a new Web folder in My Network Places, and
get the properties for an item, the property sheet is
different than the one for the same object in Explorer.
For instance, if I have a Word document in a local folder
on my machine, I can obtain its properties from Explorer.
There are 4 tabs: General, Security, Custom, and Summary.
Now, I can run IIS on my machine, create a Web folder for
the directory containing the same Word document. Viewing
the Word document there, the properties dialog contains
only one tab, General. That suggests that there's a special
PropertySheetHandler for objects in Web folders, separate
from those for file types. But where?

I want to create a custom property sheet handler for objects
in Web folders.

Any help appreciated. Please followup by email to

-- Paul