I'm writing Delphi application which serves mainly for calling telnet
(win32 console application) with script, generated on fly... It works ok,
does what it should do, but created telnet window works slowly than created
from command line(slow keyboard buffer) At first, I was wondering if my
application makes it slow, but the speed of two telnet windows (started from
command line and my app) is really different, even if GUI application is
running at background.

Here is the code:

FillChar( proc_info[ i ], sizeof( TProcessInformation ), 0 );
FillChar( startinfo, sizeof( TStartupInfo ), 0 );
startinfo.cb := sizeof( TStartupInfo );
startinfo.lpTitle:=Pchar(s+' (user '+armnumber+')');
s1:=MyPath+'tnwin.exe -s'+MyPath+'script';
if CreateProcess(nil,Pchar(s1), nil, nil, false, NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, nil,
nil, startinfo, proc_info[i]) then begin
// do something on successfull CreateProcess

I'm using third-party console telnet application with built-in national
codetables and some sophisticated printing features which is an enterprise
standard for my client. I see that any console application behaves this way
(e.g. command.com), my problem is not in telnet but in calling method - in
the code that I posted. This slowing effect can be noticed only on slow
machines. (win98 with 500 Mhz CPU).

Can you give me any advice?

Kindest Regards,
Olexiy Merenkov