I am very new to this so please bear with me.

Im trying to find a way to directly access a physical drive so that I can read
each and every sector from the windows environment.

So far I have been able to access the int13 exts only from a dos box and if
I try from a win16 or win32 pgm the interrupt calls always fail.

I have tried implementing the 'locking hierarchy' with no success.

Also I tried the vwin32 approach and that aborts my program when I try for the
level 2 lock.

I would really like to avoid writing a vxd (just because Im unfamiliar with

Q1: Could I write a dos tsr and call that from windows, thus bypassing

Q2: If I write a vxd, will micros__t stop thwarting my attempts. From what
little I understand this wouldnt work either.

Im trying to do this on win98.

Thank you.