I'm using Wave record functions to record from a microphone and all work
perfectly on evey computer I've tried (even been to conferences and demoed
on on a range of desktops) but I recently bought an IBM ThinkPad R40 and it
always messes up on the first attempt to record but after that it's all OK.

The record function records several sounds from the mic of fixed durations
(about 2 seconds each) but on the ThinkPad it just hangs for about 20 or 30
second on the first one then behaves as it should for the rest. It's like
the audio recording hardware isn't set up or is in sleep or something -
don't know - I put in some extra code just to see it the hardware is
responding before I record and it returns OK. Once the initial recording is
done it behaves perfectly unless I don't record for several minutes or until
I reboot. It's a real pain to attempt to debug as you're always rebooting.
Any help appreciated.