I am working on changing a project management type program for the
building industry, in order to make it better integrated into windows.

It is a C++ program.

First stage is changing our address management system, so it uses the
users Outlook address book, whether this be local in a .pst file or
remote on an exchange server.

It appears that there are a variety of ways to do this, and I am
investigating which one is the best, and am asking here for peoples

I am choosing between MAPI, CDO, ADO, ADSI, DAPI, LDAP, CMC, Simple MAPI.

Can anyone see which of these will be best? Any of these totally not

From reading the Platform SDK documentation, CDO seems to offer the
best tradeoff between flexibility and ease of use, but I may possibly
need MAPI, if I need its extra power.

Also, whats up with the samples in the SDK? I am looking at things like
the Sample address book, which is supposed to be in a flatfile.ab
directory, and I cant find it. Does this mean that something is
deprecated? Another example I wanted to try is the Sample CMC client,
that is supposed to be in the CMC.CLI folder.

What are the best current samples to follow relating to using the
Outlook Address Book?

Thanks a lot

Kurt Häusler