Hi all,
I'm writing a Win32 DLL. I'd like to create two data sections:
one shared (among all the processes that will load this DLL),
and the other not shared. Then I would like to place some
variables (or arrays) in one data section or in the other.

In assembly it's quite simple (dunno if it applies to DLLs,
though) to create several sections, each one with the wanted
attributes.. but in C++?

Must I create independently-compiled-OBJ files and then link
them together to achieve this result, or can I use some simple,
more intuitive way to declare variables to be put in this or
that section?

In assembly I'd just put a "SECTION" directive.. is there maybe
some #pragma (for VisualC++ 7.0) that allows me to use such a
simple solution also in C++?

To sum it all, I'd want to have two data sections: one RW and
the other RWS.. and then easily declare where to put each
variable.. in which of the two sections.

Thank you!