I am using snmp to query ifInOctets on a system running Windows XP Pro.
The value that snmpget returns to me changes only once every 10
seconds, even though data is arriving at a steady rate. When the octet
count does change, the change reflects the data that has arrived over
the last 10 seconds.

I have verified that the value changes only once every 10 seconds using
snmpget, getif, and a program we wrote.

My Windows NT system reports changing ifInOctets counts when queried
once a second. Why don't my Windows 2000 and XP systems provide more
timely counts?

I have tried changing the NIC from an Intel Pro 100 to a 3Com 3C905C-TX
with no change in behavior. On this same hardware, I get the same slow
updates when booted to either Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000. An
associate reports similar results on a laptop running Windows XP Home.

What am I missing?