>>>> Jason writes:
Jason> I'm wondering is if it would be feasible to have a
Jason> web-based program that would make this change for them with
Jason> just the touch of a button (and perhaps some prompting for
Jason> their username). I'm not that familiar with the security in
Jason> the various windows OS and was wondering if anyone had any
Jason> experience with doing this or would be able to offer any
Jason> insight. Thanks Jason Douthit

While entirely possible I don't think it's feasible. ActiveX control
could do what you want easy enough, assuming all your clients are
using IE and have the browser security set low enough to allow the
object to load and run. Then you'd need a similar plug-in for
Netscape (with similar security problems).

Trying to create a browser application to do this is just asking for
trouble. It's a simple problem, so I would just keep it simple.
Write a small windows app to do it. Put a link on your support page
and say "click here" to update your "whatever it is you are
updating". Just put in big bold letters that after they click on the
link they should choose "run" the application. From that point you
can do whatever you want within the app to guide them through the