I have setup a scheduler job, which has to kick my process at 3 AM
everyday. But more often the job is not starting automatically.

I checked last saturday while I was monitoring my application till it
shuts down @11.30 PM. The application shuts down properly. The
Scheduler job's Next Run time didn't change as it is set the right
date(Set as Sunday).

But when I checked the process again on Sunday, the process didn't
start at all. So I checked the Scheduler on Sunday. The Next Run Time
date shows Monday. Somehow the scheduler's Next Run Time date is
getting updated to a
wrong value.

Have anyone experienced any such problems? Is there any way to get
around this? Is there any Cron utility that comes with windows XP
from Scheduler job.

Any help is very much appreciated. This problem is killing me for the
last 2 weeks.