We have a problem, and as I am not a driver programmer, or even a Windows
Applications programmer, I donít even know how to start. Any help you can give
will be appreciated.

This involves the Dell Latitude XT laptop. This computer has an N-Trig
touchscreen digitizer. I am skipping the analysis of the problem and getting
right to basics. The touchscreen is hardwired to the USB bus. When the
computer is booted, anything using a particular GEAR driver DVD driver (I.E.,
iTunes, Ghost) will cause the touchscreen drivers to not load properly. Yet if
the device is plugged in after boot, both the device and the touchscreen work
fine. This same problem seems to occur with some other drivers.

Dell, N-Trig, Gear, and Microsoft have been working on this for 7 months
without solution. We have found a prospective work-around Ė if we delete one
registry key
([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\GEARAspiWDM] the PnP
manager will fail to see the DVD drive and will properly load the Digitizer.
But then the DVD is invisible. But, if we then re-install the Gear drivers,
the DVD will become visible and fully functional without a re-boot. That means
that if we put the install program in startup everything works perfectly,
except that there are all sorts of screens to click on and we have to delete
the key again, with another screen to click.

What we need to do is write a new installer which has no user intervention,
does not write to the registry, and checks that the key is deleted. (in case
some new software replaced it.) We can then put this into Startup and get a
working computer until Dell, N-Trig, Gear, and Microsoft fix the problem, if
they ever do. The Gear installer is an MSI in an EXE wrapper. We have
extracted the and decompiled it with MSIDIFF so we have all important files and
the INI, but the install routine is 30 pages long and we donít know what to do
with it.

Can anyone give us any assistance, or at least point us in the right direction?
There are several thousand Dell XT users who would be very happy.