Hi All,
I am new to windows OS.This post is about some of the below
information I requested for.Sorry for such a big mail.

1)How do I change the file descriptors in Windows?

2) I am running Window 2003 server, and heavy load I do see lots of
sockets in TIME_WAIT state, say around 4 thousand.Is this going to be
an issue with the fresh incoming sockets or with the TCP resources?

I went to the registry entry of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System
\CurrentControlSet\Services\tcpip\Parameters, but didn't found any
param like TcpTimedWaitDelay. So I am not sure as what is the default
configured for.So what would be the ideal value to be kept for?

3)My Windows server tries to connect a remote machine.But I get a
"connection refused".I have checked the remote machine, it is alive
(ping and telnet was working fine respective service on the remote box
was also working).
This was more sporadic.I get "connection refused" and again after
sometime it was able to process.
During the time of "connection refused" netstat resulted around 4K
sockets in TIME_WAIT state.
Could this be an issue? or could it be because it is so busy that its
backlog queue has filled up so Windows issues a connection-refused?

4)Is there any backlog queue for incoming requests (TCP/HTTP)?And when
this queue is over what would be error we are going to get?

5)What are the different cases where we can get "connection refused"

Thanks in advance