I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post this question. I am not
sure which would be the best forum to post this question. Please
advise me if this is not the right forum.

Now my question. I have an Image being copied over to Clipboard using
Windows SetClipBoardData(UINT nFormat, HANDLE hMem) call.
The original Image has a resolution of 300 DPI. But, the Image being
copied over to the Clipboard has 86 DPI only. Incidentally, this
matches my monitor screen resolution as well.
I am saving the Image as a BITMAP ( by passing in CF_BITMAP as the
"nFormat" parameter value to the above SetClipBoardData() call. When I
set the "nFormat" as CF_TIFF instead of CF_BITMAP, Clipboard gives an
error that the format is in binary and it cannot copy the file. The
exact error when CF_TIFF used is:
"The information is in a binary format. Clipbook viewer cannot display
this format. To view the information, try pasting it into a document."

Can anyone please let me know how I would be able to keep the image
resolution when copying over to the clipboard?
Or am I doing anything wrong?

Thanks in advance