I need a working serial thread.
I am using VC++ 6.0

Please feel free to create it for me.
NO, this is not a school project.
I would prefer it used the ReadFile() method.
Please, Joe N. no flaming.
If your that good, just do it.
What I need is explained below.

UINT SerialThread( LPVOID Param ) //Thread to monitor serial activity

If a 10h is received then receive 33 more bytes (might include 00h)
If a 11h is received then receive 64 more bytes.

Copy the received 33 bytes to Bar[] or 64 bytes to ThisArray[]
which are global unsigned char array's then do a PostMessage
which lets main dlg know Bar[] has been updated with new data.
::PostMessage(hDlg, MY_SERIAL, (WPARAM)0, (LPARAM)0);

Return to looking for another 10h


I had a working routine that used a comm wrapper but no longer works
because of Vista

Thanks in advance for any usable help.