Hello all,

I'm having a strange issue. I'm creating a child window and doing an
initial SetWindowTextA on it's creation. There can be only one
instance of this window. When this child window is up (we'll call it
Window A) and another, different child window gets focus, Window A's
caption text just disappears and I can't get it back with an
Invalidate or anything.

Here's the window creation code:

CMyChild* cwb = (CMyChild*)parentWnd-

cwb->SetWindowTextA(_T("This caption text just plain disappears!"));
CCreateContext ccc;
ccc.m_pNewViewClass = RUNTIME_CLASS(CMyChildView); // CMyChildView is
an HTMLView
ccc.m_pCurrentFrame = cwb;
CMyChildView* cwbv = (CMyChildView*)cwb->CreateView(&ccc);

Any help would be outstanding on this. Thanks in advance!