I working in a project in VC++6.0 .I am using nearly 20 classes in
that nearly 5 class are derived from Cobject .I have implemented
serialization . When I use object of one class (derived from Cobject )
in another .I got a error saying that
Error C2679: binary '>>' : no operator defined which takes a right-
hand operand of type 'class CAlertSent *' (or there is no acceptable
For this line : archive >> nextSentAlert;

So I added this line.in the file where I am using that CAlertSent
Now the above error was cleared but I am getting error saying that
error LNK2005: "protected: static struct CRuntimeClass * __stdcall
CAlertSent::_GetBaseClass(void)" (?
_GetBaseClass@CAlertSent@@KGPAUCRuntimeClass@@XZ) already defined in

From my code review I came to know that the error is because of adding
that IMPLEMENT_SERIAL of two time one in the same class cpp file and
another in a class where I am trying to use that class object.
Could anyone say what is the mistake I have made and what should I do
to overcome this problem.
Thanks in Advance,