Hello, greetings and how the heck are ya ?
Quick question, not quite sure if this is the right ng to ask this, so
if I'm mistaken, please redirect me.
I created a small html file for my desktop that replaces my most used
icons. Basically I click a link instead of a picture. Some of those
links open common folders. These folders open using the "Icon" view,
and I would like them to open using the "detail" view. Is there a way
I can tell the folder to open that way ? I setup my folders using
"Preferences" all right, and they open "my way" ("Detail" view) when I
open them using Icons. When I use the links, they open the "wrong
way" ("Icon" view)
I clipped a selection of links used.

Page custom



MARP2 sur C:

MARP2 sur J:

MARP2 sur N:

MARP2 sur T:

Pièces .PRT

BTW, everyone at work is amazed at how clean and empty my desktop is.
I love it.
Thanx for your help, please reply to dr_fleau@lycos.com
Dr Fleau
(Pierre in the real world)