> ClamAV on
> ClamLocalSocket "/var/run/clamav/clamd"
> ClamWarn on

>What happens if you comment out these directives? I'd like to rule
>mod_clamav out as a source of the delays...

>I actually put in these settings after experiencing the issue as logs weir
>complaining that clamav couldn't connect to socket, and I assumed maby this
>was, what was causing the issues.

>I tried without these settings with no change and also tried only leaving
>following line...
>ClamAV off

>No Diffs, im afraid.

>Also, you might disable mod_delay, to rule that out as a cause of delay as

> DelayEngine off

>Tried that just now, no diffs.
>I might add that I didn't have this issue before using the extra radius

>RadiusUserInfo 65534 65533 /var/ftp /bin/false
>RadiusGroupInfo nogroup nogroup 65533

Ok for those interested, the problem is the RadiusGroupInfo line.
When removed the server no lopnger hanged , yet had login issues on
permissions side.

This was resolved by changing

RadiusUserInfo 65534 65533 /var/ftp /usr/sbin/nologin nogroup 65533

And ensuring

RequireValidShell off

And removing the RadiusGroupInfo line altogether.

Seems everything is working 100% as expected now.
Thanks for support all round.

>However ofcourse things weir not working as desired..


>Thank You

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