Hi mates,

I needed .ftpaccess on some folders of some servers (for ensuring some
users only are able to read in that folders, others to write..., other
times for enforcing bandwitdh...). I wanted to ensure that any user
can't read, write or do something in that files... just the daemon to be
able to use them but I wanted the users not to be able to touch them...

So I entered this lines in the default server and in an ssl virtual host :

HideFiles "(\\.ftpaccess)$"
PathDenyFilter "(\\.ftpaccess|\\.htaccess)$"

IgnoreHidden on

All of my users data is all under /home, for example /home/theuser or
other times /home/company/theuser.

So are this lines ok to be able to add in default host and on ssl
virtual host for obtaining that users not to be able to do nothing with
..ftpaccess files but the daemon (proftpd) to be able to read and use
them without problems?

Thanks a lot mates!!

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