> My proftpd.conf hasn't changed between before when I had 1.3.2rc1 and now
> 1.3.2rc2 (with the patch for fileperms tracing). Now when I attempt to
> start my proftpd daemon via my rc script, it won't start as it says it
> cannot use the certs. It should be prompting me for the passphrase, (which
> I would enter in via "expect" scripts).

Yeah, it's an issue in the current CVS code that I'm working on today.
(There are issues of timing, related to properly supporting FIPS mode in
both standalone and inetd modes.) I'm sorry about that; I hope to have it
straightened out in the next few hours.

In the mean time, if you disable mod_tls (using "TLSEngine off"), you
should be to able to test the fileperms Trace logging.


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