> I am running ProFTPd 1.3.0a on IBM AIX 5.3L. Our mainframe requires FTPS so
> we are using the mod_tls module within ProFTPd. We were performing some
> tests and were not satisfied with the logging that mod_tls provides. We
> would like more desriptive logging should the certificate become maybe ...
> a) expired b) invalid cert c) some other situation . This might work
> for option (B) right? But what about (A)? What would I expect to see? Any
> thoughts on this? Any way to increase mod_tls debug? Would a newer version
> provide more detail?

You might try proftpd-1.3.2rc1 and its mod_tls module, which allows for
diagnostic logging, at the protocol level; this logging comes from the
OpenSSL library; see:


If that does not show what you would like, perhaps you could be very
specific about what conditions you'd like to see logged, and when the
logging you want should occur, and why.


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