I've been using mysql auth on proftpd for a long time with great
success. I have the need to do some advanced user permissions though
and have no idea how to accomplish. Lets say I have 4 users in mysql
table; larry, moe, curly, hank. Then lets say the home dir for all
users is /home/ftp. Inside ftp dir is 4 folders; incoming, java, php, ruby.

So lets say I want larry to have read access to only java and not even
be able to see the other dirs.

I want moe to have read access to all and write to incoming.

I want curly to have read to php and ruby and write to incoming.

I want hank read/write to everything.

Is all of this possible with mysql only? Like have different groups or
something? I know the Directory and Limit parameters could be setup but
that would have to be adjusted everytime a new username is added to sql

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