On Jun 6, 2008, at 10:39 AM, M G wrote:

> TJ,
> Thank you again for the quick and very helpful response. I now have
> proftpd v1.3.2.rc1 running with freetds v0.64, mod_sql_tds v4.5 and
> support for encoding via mod_lang. For those on the list who might
> be interested, I've listed the basic steps below:
> NOTE: I'm using freetds as part of a SQL Auth scheme and encoding
> for "internationalization".
> 1) Install the freetds libraries v0.64 (http://www.freetds.org)
> 2) Obtain mod_sql_tds v4.5 (http://labratsoftware.com/mod_sql_tds)
> 3) Patch mod_sql_tds.c :
> patch mod_sql_tds.c mod_sql_tds.patch (mod_sql_tds.patch
> attached to this email)
> NOTE: if you don't have patch, just manually edit the file using
> TJ's instructions below

I will patch and update mod_sql_tds in the next day so applying the
patch will not be needed in the next version.

Thanks for the update.


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