> I've been using the proftpd scoreboard to see the active connections, but
> sinse 1.3.2rc1 in the "sce_begin_session" field now I have the wrong data,
> now it show's me always:
> 1970-01-01 01:00:00

What does proftpd debug logging show? There were no changes to the
scoreboard code, regarding session start times, in 1.3.2rc1.


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"Why does it rain?" A simple question at first. However, upon
reflection one finds that the answers one receives to a why question
are not answers of "why", but rather answers of "how" or "what". It
is an interesting phenomenon. In this light, the question becomes
much more complex, intriguing, and profound: "Why does it rain?"

-TJ Saunders

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