> I've been looking for an answer about this log error from the server-side when
> trying to complete a passive transfer over ssl:
> May 05 11:05:10 www proftpd[5307] (...): Passive data transfer
> failed, possibly due to network issues
> May 05 11:05:10 www proftpd[5307] (...): Check your PassivePorts
> and MasqueradeAddress settings,
> May 05 11:05:10 www proftpd[5307] (...): and any router, NAT, and
> firewall rules in the network path.

The above message occurs when proftpd times out waiting for a data
transfer; the most usual culprits are firewall/NAT/router issues. If you
see this message only sometimes, my guess is that it's a transient network
condition in your system.

> >From the client-side, ssl connection is closed with this message:

> 50 Opening BINARY mode data connection for 0011200805050800.zip
> ===>START SSL connect on DATA
> ftp: SSL_connect DATA error 0 - error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)

Well, the above message from the client indicates that it uses OpenSSL,
but that it hasn't loaded the OpenSSL error strings, so that it cannot
provide any more useful information than "00000000".

> PD: should i recompile an updated version?

This doesn't look like a server issue to me; perhaps a problem with the
clients used, or a transient network issue.


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