I've been looking for an answer about this log error from the server-side when
trying to complete a passive transfer over ssl:

May 05 11:05:10 www proftpd[5307] (...): Passive data transfer
failed, possibly due to network issues
May 05 11:05:10 www proftpd[5307] (...): Check your PassivePorts
and MasqueradeAddress settings,
May 05 11:05:10 www proftpd[5307] (...): and any router, NAT, and
firewall rules in the network path.

Sometimes, also appeared this:
May 05 09:24:47 www proftpd[14000] (....): mod_tls/2.1.1:
unexpected OpenSSL error, disconnecting

>From the client-side, ssl connection is closed with this message:

50 Opening BINARY mode data connection for 0011200805050800.zip
===>START SSL connect on DATA
ftp: SSL_connect DATA error 0 - error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)

Server is a 14-month-old compilation of version 1.3.0.
There is a symantec firewall in the middle, but it seems to be everything all


PD: should i recompile an updated version?
Lucio Aisemberg

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