We are using proftp SW for ftp server. We have also named accounts
on this machine. These account people access their directories after
logging with a username/password.Now I want to create an account on this
with a username/password. The users from an IP address (Ex:
129.129.)have got
all the privileges(Read,Write,Delete,Overwrite etc. etc.)But users from
IP address (Not arting with 129.) has got only Read and Write(No
overwite,No delete) .
How I have to define the protection in proftpd.conf? Can I do in the
following way?

AllowUser testuser

Allow from 129.129.
Deny 129.129.300.40 #(Just an example with some
firewall machine)

Allow from 129.129.300.40 < No delete, No overwrite

Thanks in advance,
Padiyath Sreekumar | Tel: +41.56.310.3643
Paul Scherrer Institut | email: kumar.padiyath@psi.ch
AIT | Office: WHGA/U132
WHGA/U132 | Fax: +41.56.310.3649
CH-5232 Villigen PSI |
Switzerland |

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