> Checking, the files were indeed arriving, but the transfers log web
> page query insisted nothing had been seen since Sunday
> 03:58. Thinking my little daemon xfsuck had broken, I tried other
> queries which worked just fine. Other users' and userids' recent
> transfers were being recorded in the database. Checking
> /var/log/xferlog those other userids were well-represented, but the
> camera userid was totally absent. Transfers, but no transfers in
> xferlog, for this one user???
> Well, no transfers in >this< xferlog. Checking /var/log/xferlog.1
> found the missing transfers from today/yesterday. ProFTPd was still
> updating _both_ the current and the older xferlog files!?

For the reasons why rotating TransferLogs doesn't work as one might
assume, see:



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Know thyself.


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