Just a note about a confusing situation that's "perfectly normal".

Checking logs I noticed one user's remote camera wasn't sending its
usual periodic pictures (every 6 minutes, 10 times an hour). Emailed
them and got back "looks fine to me!" Aside from the usual "oh,
good... it's broke on my end then and I can fix that" happiness, I
was severely confused.

Checking, the files were indeed arriving, but the transfers log web
page query insisted nothing had been seen since Sunday
03:58. Thinking my little daemon xfsuck had broken, I tried other
queries which worked just fine. Other users' and userids' recent
transfers were being recorded in the database. Checking
/var/log/xferlog those other userids were well-represented, but the
camera userid was totally absent. Transfers, but no transfers in
xferlog, for this one user???

Well, no transfers in >this< xferlog. Checking /var/log/xferlog.1
found the missing transfers from today/yesterday. ProFTPd was still
updating _both_ the current and the older xferlog files!?

Sure, because that one FTP process was still running, and so still
connected to the old xferlog, even after the log rotation had renamed
it to xferlog.1 . Checking with "ftpwho -v" showed
24091 pinnacle [116h21] 1m0s (idle)
client: 10.xx.xx.xx [10.xx.xx.xx]
server: (Budgie FTP server)
location: /

Hey, that periodic uploader session has been active almost 5 days,
but I've got TimeoutNoTransfer set to 1900, so an upload every 6
minutes will never timeout, nor disconnect until the inevitable
network glitch, at which point it'll reconnect and proceed
again. And that's okay. Just confusing.... ;-)


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