RFC 2640 defines a way for internationalizing/localizing FTP, including
UTF8 encoding of path names and localization of the FTP response messages.

In proftpd-1.3.1, the mod_lang module was added; this module is built if
you use the --enable-nls configure option when compiling proftpd.

The general idea is to use GNU gettext. In the source distribution, there
is a directory called locale/. The Makefile there currently only has
support for the en_US locale.

I admit that I don't have a lot of experience with GNU gettext. I would
love if people could take a look at that locale/ directory, and see if you
could create a .po file for other languages for proftpd. I'm sure there
are many proftpd users would love having translated messages appear for
them from proftpd.

The current support for translation, via mod_lang, *should* work for all
of the FTP responses generated by the core proftpd engine. However, I do
not yet have it working properly for modules (such as mod_tls, mod_wrap2,
etc). I'm trying to develop something where module authors can provide
the translated .po files for the module, and then to have those module .po
files merged into the main proftpd .po files.

In the meantime, if someone could try out the existing code and let me
know, good and bad, how it worked, I would appreciate it greatly! If
there are people interested in learning to translate the proftpd strings
and how to try out the existing code, please contact me directly,

I suspect that there are many non-English speaking people using proftpd
would be greatly appreciate the translation of these messages. =)


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