Hi all,

I'm running v1.3.1 using mod_sql [mysqld backend] and DefaultRoot
defined, so I can not use mod_exec. I am looking for a way to run a small
shell script [which is already written] when a particular user has
finished uploading files [this shell script simply e.mails the file as an
attachment to someone, before moving it and starting a chain of events
that processes the uploaded file].

Disabling DefaultRoot I was able to use mod_exec to run the script, but I
really need to jail the users' $HOME.

Reading the docs, I found that making xferlog a fifo file and running the
script on the fifo is the alternate solution. I happen to like flat files
and would perfer to run with that, but regardless, I've been unable to
find any examples of how one would read either kinds of file and process
them via the same script. I know about tail -f for flat log files, but
xferlog does not give accurate info about the file name [files with
spaces in them have underscores in the log, but how does one know if the
real file has underscores or spaces? that was the nice think about the %f
tolken when using mod_exec].

Are there examples of how one could pull the filename [real filename]
from the xferlog and use that in a script? How would the script keep
track of where one was in the xferlog and then advance to the next log
entry, etc, etc. I have the feeling this kind of script has been written
before, so if anyone has pointers, tips, or examples, I would highly
appreciate it.



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