> Hmm, looking TJ Saunders' source, it seems to fork and exec, which
> should be okay... ooo, waitpid()? Is that controlled by
> ExecOptions? Makes me nervous... TJ?

That's what the ExecTimeout option is for: mitigating the time it takes to
execute the requested command. The assumption is that mod_exec would be
used for synchronously executing commands that might affect the session
(files uploaded by the user get moved, etc).

> And the FIFO-logging linked to from the bottom of the mod_exec doc
> does give you a more dynamic 'live' view of the text logging. I can
> get by just monitoring text logs using 'tail' and the like. But if
> you want to execute programs given certain conditions the FIFO
> processing might be more 'immediate' (and controllable without
> impacting FTP sessions?).

Yes. For FIFO-based logging, all that the session process cares about is
having write() return; whether the FIFO process on the other end of the
write() performs an action synchronously before returning, or
asynchronously performs the action after return, is opaque.


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