> Jan 28 16:03:44 customer1 proftpd[24189] customer1: no matching vhost
> found for ::ffff:, using DefaultServer 'ProFTPD server'

This, I think, is the root cause. ProFTPD versions before 1.3.1 did not
transparently handle IPv6 versus IPv4 connections; your proftpd was built
with IPv6 support, so it treats all connections as IPv6 connections.
However, the IPv6 address (as seen by proftpd) requested by the client
doesn't match any of the virtual hosts configured -- hence the above
message. (Note that you can change which virtual host configuration is
used as the default, by proftpd, by placing the "DefaultServer on"
directive in the preferred section.)

One way you might try is to recompile proftpd without IPv6 support (i.e.
do not use the --enable-ipv6 configure option).


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