Hi, I'm stumped and would appreciate help from someone who knows this
better. I'm trying to help a customer of ours who is using proftpd on
their server. They want to be able to restrict users into specific
directory trees using the DefaultRoot option in a VirtualHost container.
When I try this on their server which runs CentOS 5.0 and 1.3.0a, it
does not function as expected. But if I copy the same proftpd.conf
configuration file to another server running Gentoo and proftpd
1.3.1rc2, it works fine. When I copied it to the Gentoo machine to test
it, the only thing I changed where the IP addresses listed in the
virtual host containers and the hostname of the machine. But I'm sure
that the hostname used for the servername and the

Port 1501
ServerName "testhost.domain.com"
User "testuser"
Group "testuser"
ServerIdent on "FTP Server ready."
DefaultRoot /home/testuser/public_html
DefaultChdir /home/testuser/public_html
ListOptions "-lah" strict
DisplayConnect /home/testuser/prelogin.msg
DisplayLogin "Welcome to client FTP server on domain.com"

The above of course has had its real values substituted with generic
ones for privacy. I've checked to make sure that there is no firewall
blocking on port 1500 or on the client side and that the hostnames are
setup right. On the machine where I'm having trouble, if I connect to
port 1500 on testhost.domain.com and login using the testuser account,
it makes /home/testuser my root directory, but on the Gentoo machine
where I was able to get the same configuration working, it makes
/home/testuser/public_html the root.

So I'm wondering, what could be wrong? I've tried some diagnostics of
my own such as debug logging, that didn't help. I did do an strace of
the proftpd process and found this error message being generated when I
tried to login to the CentOS machine:

sendto(2, "<31>Jan 21 23:59:57 proftpd[9524]: server.domain.com - no matching vhost found for ::ffff:, using
DefaultServer \'ProFTPD server\'\n", 153, 0, NULL, 0) = 153

So its like its not matching the name in the VirtualHost entry. But
I've checked it several times and even retyped it in and it still
doesn't work. I also tried compiling an rpm for version 1.3.1 on the
CentOS machine, but am getting an error during the build where it can't
find modules/d_auth_pam during the configure section. But I can't find
any such typo in the spec file or in the source:

configure: error: source file './modules/d_auth_pam.c' cannot be found -- aborting

Any help is appretiated and please let me know what other information
you might need from me.


Mark S. Krenz
IT Director
Suso Technology Services, Inc.

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