> I copied the previous proftpd.conf that I have been using for years on
> the old server with no trouble. It includes the following lines:
> Order Allow,Deny
> # allow connect only from local network
> Allow from 192.168.0.
> Allow from
> # Jim
> Allow from 71.93.,71.92.
> Deny from all

> Jan 15 21:16:55 myserver.mydomain.com proftpd[2778]
> myserver.mydomain.com (::ffff:[::ffff:]):
> Connection from ::ffff: [::ffff:] denied.
> This allows the individual IP addresses to connect, but why doesn't
> "Allow from 192.168.0." work any more? This seems very strange.

The ":ffff:" parts of the addresses indicate that your proftpd has been
compiled with IPv6 support. There was some work done in 1.3.1 to better
handle IPv4 ACLs and IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses:


but it looks like there are still issues. I'm able to duplicate this
issue locally, and am looking into it.

In the meantime, you could try disabling IPv6 support, by using the
following in your proftpd.conf:

UseIPv6 off

If instead you do need the IPv6 support, you could add the following rule
to your section:

Allow from ::ffff:127.0.0.

Hope this helps,

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-Francis Beaumont

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