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I retrieve only an iteration of these rules in proftpd.log which looks
for me ok.

Jan 11 08:03:04 server01 proftpd[23185] server.mydomain.be
(x.x.x.x[x.x.x.x]): FTP session opened.

Jan 11 08:03:04 server01 proftpd[23185] server.mydomain.be
(x.x.x.x[x.x.x.x]): USER xx: Login successful.

Jan 11 08:03:05 server01 proftpd[23185] server.mydomain.be
(x.x.x.x[x.x.x.x): FTP session closed.

The problem is not really when I browse along a web browser but along
the commandline then I can browse my entire server.

On 10/01/2008 21:11, TJ Saunders wrote:
cite="mid:Pine.LNX.4.58.0801101209580.10312@mercury.skyn etbb.com"

In the logs seems everything normal.

Could you provide the debug log (from using SystemLog, as mentioned in the
Debugging howto), please?

 My Openldap users can browse to the root of my server even when I set
the "DefaultRoot ~" directive.
Are they not supposed to be jailed in there home directory with this

Another possibility is that your FTP client (a web browser, perhaps?) has
cached directory listings; if possible, clear the FTP client cache, and
try the login and browse again.


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