> I'm using Linux - Ubuntu 7.04

According to the mmap(2) man page on Ubuntu 7.04, the "Operation not
permitted" error (EPERM) occurs for mmap() functions when:

EPERM The prot argument asks for PROT_EXEC but the mapped area belongs
to a file on a filesystem that was mounted no-exec.

However, the mod_delay module does not use the PROT_EXEC flag when calling
mmap(2). The man page also mentions:

It is architecture dependent whether PROT_READ includes PROT_EXEC or
not. Portable programs should always set PROT_EXEC if they intend to
execute code in the new mapping.

This means that your system *might* set the PROT_EXEC flag automatically,
if the PROT_READ flag (which mod_delay *does* use) is used.

If this is the case, and your filesystem on which the DelayTable lies is
mounted no-exec, then it could explain your warning. That being the case,
you might consider disabling mod_delay using the following in your

DelayEngine off

> Jan 03 08:45:13 ftp proftpd[9499] ftp (xxx.xxx.xxx[192.168.x.xx]):
> Preparing to chroot to directory '/ftp/XXX'
> Jan 03 08:45:13 ftp proftpd[9499] ftp (xxx.xxx.xxx[192.168.x.xx]):
> ProFTPD terminating (signal 11)

This is the real reason for your issue, why FTP clients are unable to

Would it be possible to see the other configuration file:

Include /etc/proftpd/modules.conf

which probably loads more modules into your proftpd, and which might also
be causing issues?

> $ proftpd -V
> Compile-time Settings:
> Version: 1.3.0
> Platform: LINUX
> Built With:
> configure linux gnu

I find this very interesting, since your configure options don't include
any special command-line options, but...

> Features:
> + Autoshadow support
> + Controls support
> + curses support
> + Developer support
> + DSO support
> + IPv6 support
> + Largefile support
> + ncurses support
> + POSIX ACL support
> + Shadow file support
> + Sendfile support

....some of these features, such as IPv6 support, DSO support, and
developer support are only enabled when special configure command-line
options are used. Either things are not quite as they look, or the
proftpd package you are running has been tweaked from the original
distribution (in which case, I can offer no help without knowing what
those non-standard modifications were).


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