I have a site with up to 1000 users. I would like to use proftpd and
mysql to control access to a group of users.

Below is an example of the block that I use for each user. The problem
at the moment is that startup is getting to be too slow. Going to mysql
should speed things up.

Besides installing mysql and proftpd, what sort of setup do I need for

Here is an example of one of the files I am using at the moment.
Also, is it possible to mix conf files and database files, so that some
users are defined in conf files, and others in the database.



User user
Group user
UserAlias username user
UserPassword user password
DirFakeUser on
DirFakeGroup on
AnonRequirePassword on
AllowOverwrite off



HideNoAccess on

IgnoreHidden on


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