>>>>> Optional modules are in separate packages: proftpd-inetd,
>>>>> proftpd-mysql, proftpd-wrap, proftpd-postgres, proftpd-ldap...
>>>>> You can find it in:
>>>>> ftp://ftp.redfish-solutions.com/pub/
>>>> They are no longer there. Is there another site whereby i can download?
>>> No need. They've been checked in. Use the 1.3.1 source release.

>> Hi. I still not seeing it.
>> Thanks

> Um, no. Use the sources on www.proftpd.org/
> What I posted on Redfish was an interim version for testing until it was
> approved and checked in... which it was.

I had tried using the spec file from the proftpd tarball to rebuild.
Encountered an error:-

configure: error: source file './modules/d_auth_pam.c' cannot be found --

I am on CentOS 5, i386. What am i missing here?

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