I use ProFTPD-1.3.1 with mod_clamav 0.5 and I have HiddenStores turned on
(comment on this directive?)

It seems that clamd ocasionally does not return the result in time and
server then fails to rename the file and also to remove it. The result is
that there's non-empty file named .in.. left in destination directory
which makes following uploads impossible (unless the user finds and deletes
the temporary file. The log says:

Oct 17 06:55:45 proftpd[54991]: - FTP session opened.
Oct 17 06:55:45 proftpd[54991]: - USER : Login successful.
Oct 17 06:55:45 proftpd[54991]: - Preparing to chroot to directory '/'
Oct 17 06:55:46 proftpd[54991]: - HiddenStore: complex path, will rename /www/.in.index.html. to /www/index.html

Oct 17 07:05:33 proftpd[54991]: - mod_clamav/0.5: info: disconnected from Clamd.
Oct 17 07:05:33 proftpd[54991]: - mod_clamav/0.5: error: Clamd didn't accept the session end request.
Oct 17 07:05:33 proftpd[54991]: - FTP session closed.

Is it bug of mod_clamav, proftpd or both?

I'd like to get some debug log, but this happens very ocasionally...

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