TJ Saunders wrote:
> I was able to duplicate this issue. I've opened a bug on it:
> and have attached a patch. Please add your email address to the CC field
> for the bug, and try the attached patch (for 1.3.1), and confirm whether
> it addresses the problem for you.
> Cheers,
> TJ

great, thanks for the fast response TJ !!!

maybe you can help me one more step, because applying the patch against
vanilla 1.3.1 fails
at auth.h and auth.c?

root@swbox:/tmp/proftpd-1.3.1# patch -p0 < tjpatch.txt
patching file include/auth.h
Hunk #1 FAILED at 89.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file include/auth.h.rej
patching file src/auth.c
Hunk #1 FAILED at 37.
Hunk #2 FAILED at 322.
Hunk #3 succeeded at 928 with fuzz 2 (offset -276 lines).
Hunk #4 FAILED at 946.
3 out of 4 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file src/auth.c.rej
patching file contrib/mod_radius.c


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