On Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Philip Prindeville wrote:

> Barry Brimer wrote:
>>> Barry:

>>> What happens when you build as:

>>> rpmbuild -ta --with ctrls --with mod_facl --with mod_tls --with nls \

>> --with ipv6 --with dso ...
>> When I run with the configure line above, everything
>> compiles just fine and the rpm builds successfully on CentOS 4.
>> In my initial problem description I was not specifying any particular
>> modules. I was simply trying to do a plain compile as provided by the
>> included spec file as I have done with past releases, none of which
>> required the addition of extra options being passed to rpmbuild to enable
>> or disable specific modules in order to configure, compile or build the rpm.
>> Barry

> Well, I had wanted the default .spec file do a "make all", but that idea
> was nixed, since it didn't allow for command-line selection of options.
> Perhaps everything should have been enabled by default, and turned off
> explicitly with --without xxx.
> -Philip

I would generally expect these in the following order:

1. Not be required to pass additional arguments to rpmbuild to build the
base product.

2. Be required to edit the spec file to enable options not part of the
base product (i.e. mysql support, etc)

I have yet to see a spec file which includes everything by default and
requires me to disable things I don't want.


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