I've just worked out that our xferlog is being written to /var/log/xferlog,
but that since and upgrade in April (Debian, stable) that file's not been
rotated and instead there are empty log files being created and rotated in
/var/log/proftpd/(xferreport, xferlog, proftpd.log, controls.log).

We're running ProFTP through inetd with just two VirtualHost entries and
the following settings:

ServerName "Debian"
ServerType inetd
DeferWelcome off

ShowSymlinks on
MultilineRFC2228 on
DefaultServer on
ShowSymlinks on
AllowOverwrite on

So the server itself is running fine, but how do I reconfigure so that the
logs are written properly to the /var/log/proftpd/ directory and get rid
of /var/log/xferlog altogether?

Seems like this must be a common problem, but I haven't managed to turn up
anything by searching. Any ideas?


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