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Philip Prindeville wrote:
> If you read the comments on bugid #2975 from TJ and me, we agreed that
> this wasn't meant to work on all platforms and in all cases.

OFC, could be, after all it's TJ's opinion that matters the most here, but
the deficiency at this point is that this "goal" becomes obvious only
*after* peeking through the spec (and even then... if you account OP's
"missing the 'mo'" wild guess or your "upgrade your rpm" advice). ;-)

Maybe you could provide some warning about this to unseasoned proftpd
builders, e.g., some heading comments.

> It is biased towards two things: covering all the modules, and being a
> reasonable *starting point* for anyone to take and tailer into a
> distro-specific .spec file. It wasn't meant to be the actual .spec file
> that would ship with any distro.

OFC, but, OTOH, IMHO it should be *build-able* using defaults.
In its current status it won't on - dare I say? - "any" platform.

>> (to the minimum, you'll have to use "--with ctrls --with mod_facl").

> Good point. Barry: what other options were you building with, anyway?

- From OP's original post I reckoned it was "default".

- --
Marius Feraru


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