Marius Feraru wrote:
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> Proftpd's autoconf system is a very sensitive beast, and using its provided
> RPM spec makes it even harder because it tries to be very "flexible".
> Barry Brimer wrote:
>> While running configure both while trying to compile the rpm and by hand
>> with the same configure line as the rpm I received the error:
>> configure: error: source file './modules/d_auth_pam.c' cannot be found --
>> aborting

> By using the defaults, you'll be passing an empty value to "--with-modules"
> (as the RPM spec initializes "static_modules" unconditionally), which makes
> configure croak. Anyway, even if you fix this (skipping that option), you'll
> still get into more trouble, given mod_ban's dependency on mod_ctrls.

If you read the comments on bugid #2975 from TJ and me, we agreed that
this wasn't meant to work on all platforms and in all cases.

It is biased towards two things: covering all the modules, and being a
reasonable *starting point* for anyone to take and tailer into a
distro-specific .spec file. It wasn't meant to be the actual .spec file
that would ship with any distro.

Rather, you can do nightly pull-downs of the tarballs from CVS and build
on multiple platforms and see if the code all compiles or not.

It won't tell you if it installs and configures perfectly on all
platforms, because it isn't meant to. Some assembly, as always, will be

> Best bet - if you really want to use that spec - is to use what seems to be
> packager's preferred way of building proftpd (quoting from spec):
> # to turn everything on, build as:
> #
> # rpmbuild -ba --with ctrls --with mod_facl --with mod_tls --with nls \
> # --with ipv6 --with dso proftpd.spec
> (to the minimum, you'll have to use "--with ctrls --with mod_facl").

Good point. Barry: what other options were you building with, anyway?


> Another option would be to use Fedora's spec:
> This one's already updated for 1.3.1:
> 'HTH
> - --
> Marius Feraru

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