On Oct 2, 2007, at 4:12 AM, Jorge Bastos wrote:

> Yes there's a NAT on the client side, but i belive it's not that,
> in fact it
> can't.
> That happens with the 6MB~ file, but not with the 600Kb one.

An easy way to test is to try and upload the file from a different
client on a different network and see if the problem reproduces it self.

If small files work and bigger files don't, I would look into
something that might be timing out based on the increased duration of
the transfer. But if nothing stands out in the logs. Sniffing both
side of the connection might shed more light on what exactly is
happening. But I would try uploading the same file from a different
computer to rule on something b0rked on the client side.


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